Winter Protection Tips for Block Paving

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It’s easy to feel at a loss when it comes to winter protection outside in your garden but if you’ve been wondering what to do with your block paving – whether it’s your driveway, path or patio – there are a few things you can do to maintain and protect it during the cold months ahead.


During this time of year, moss excels because it loves the wet weather which in turn encourages the moss to grow everywhere, including up and along your walls! If it’s rapidly spreading across your block paving, it’s important to get rid of it because although it may not look it, it’s incredibly dangerous when wet and can be slip hazard to you and your family.   


Moss can be removed relatively easily but it can be time consuming to remove such a large quantity with a simple trowel and a knee pad for your protection. When you hire a professional they will be able to save you the back pain with their expertise, offering you the best winter patio care and maintenance.



Putting winter safety checks into motion when it comes to your block paving is important because if you already have cracks, they will only be exacerbated due to general weathering and freeze thawing. Cracks of course can be a trip hazard too, not to mention they can cause unnecessary and expensive wear and tear to any car tyres.


If you have gaps in your patio, have them filled before they turn into much bigger problems. Get these defects tended to and have your driveway looking flawless once again with expert attention and the appropriate, industrial standard paving sealer.


Snow and ice

Keep up with your path maintenance and ensure winter safety by de-icing your driveway and paths. When it snows heavily, the bottom layer turns to ice and this can be very dangerous to those that walk along this surface, especially when there’s a thick layer of fresh snow on top.


Snow and ice can also be damaging to your block paving because once it finds its way in between the gaps of slabs, it can cause unwanted wear and tear to the surface. Removal is  recommended to prevent this from happening, this can be done either by shovelling the snow to one side or with the help of sand or salt – a sprinkle of either will help to clear the area.




To ensure the best winter driveway protection, get rid of any old fallen leaves and dirt that have accumulated over time. This will reduce the growth of irritating weeds and stains that can mark your patios.  


Store your furniture

Placing your furniture indoors during this time will keep your belongings in good condition and also save your block paving. If you have tables and chairs placed on the patio during this bad weather, the metal legs can rust and mark your floors. These marks can be hard to remove but if you already have these marks, call a team of experts who will work to repair and maintain this area.


Avoid harsh chemicals

Always be careful when cleaning your block paving because if you apply harsh chemicals you can discolour your surfaces and this can be more than upsetting. If you’re unsure or wish to get an expert opinion, speak to a team of professionals who can do the job for you with the appropriate equipment – so you don’t have to.


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