Why Garden Maintenance Is Important

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If you’re a lucky homeowner who isn’t part of the 2.6 million people in the UK without a private garden – then it’s time to make the most of this luxury – if you don’t already. Gardens are good for multiple reasons: they’re known to improve health, relieve stress and help you to save money on food shopping. To reap these many benefits, upkeep is very important, it’ll encourage a healthy garden and make it a pleasant place to use, all year round. 


Garden maintenance encourages a garden to flourish 

A garden with dying or diseased plants will waste energy and enable a disease to spread, which is why it’s good to check your garden regularly, to make sure that this is not the case. 


Disease isn’t overly common but it can occur when three things coincide: 


  1. Plant/tree/shrub is not well
  2. Fungus/bacteria/virus attacks unwell plant
  3. Weather conditions, such as high humidity and droughts can exacerbate the plant’s health and allow the disease to spread


Look for discoloured bacterial spots, blights, wilted leaves/blooms, black rot, grey mould, mildew, yellow/brown tips and remove these from the plant. Pruning damaged or affected areas of trees, plants or shrubs will make for a better and healthier plant. The minerals and nutrients a plant uses for photosynthesis will not be wasted on dying areas and will allow it to flourish. 


Garden maintenance will impress visitors

If your front or back garden is a mess, it will not reflect well on your kerb appeal. An overgrown garden will make any beautiful interior look unkempt and unwelcoming. A well pruned, colourful outdoor area will always draw attention and make for a great extension of the home. 


Garden maintenance is important for all shapes and sizes

Whatever the size of your garden, they will generally all grow at the same rate – it’s just the sheer quantity of something that is different. Small gardens tend to get forgotten about, perhaps it’s because there’s a limited area to work with or because the garden is overlooked by neighbours, and you don’t spend much time there – either way – that’s no excuse. 


Small gardens can be enhanced with large living walls, trees around the perimeter, trellis decorated with creeper plants or even just slightly higher walls. Making your garden a pleasant sight will encourage you to maintain and enjoy it. 


For those with large gardens, you may feel more encouraged to maintain the area because it can become overgrown very quickly. There’s more to it than that though; large gardens have the potential to grow a variety of different species of plants, trees, shubs and even vegetables. So, maintenance is key – should you wish to do this. If you are not attentive you’re likely to find overcrowding and an array of dead vegetation.


Garden maintenance makes for a clean and safe space for children and pets 

If you maintain your garden, you’re likely to know what is in your garden. Therefore, wild poisonous plants will be kept at bay and uneven ground can be taken care of, to prevent trips and falls.  


Garden maintenance is a great way to learn
Whether you’re already a green-fingered individual or are new to gardening, it’s a great opportunity for all the family to work together to bring life to your very own garden. 


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