Preparing Your Garden for a Party

garden party

In Britain the majority of us are desperately looking for the next spot of sun and so, with the weather picking up, it’s time to make your garden inviting – whatever its size. Give yourself a benchmark date and try to meet it, perhaps send out invites to friends and family to motivate you to get your garden just perfect. This month, R&J Landscapes are here to guide you through the processes that’ll make your garden look great and your greenery, healthy.


This surface offers a number of benefits to your garden including, a comfortable and even place for walking, sitting and lying down on. Decking has great aesthetic appeal and helps to balance a garden well because too much grass can mean a whole lot of maintenance, and decking reduces the need for groundwork preparation. A decked out area will make entertaining, dining and relaxing easy, and what’s more there’s a variety of decking levels and styles to choose from. Having decking installed for a garden party provides you with a versatile material to build upon, should you wish to extend on it with shelters and seating areas.  

Tackle all weathers

With such volatile weather, it’s ideal to have a cosy shelter – which can be used both in the pouring rain and scorching sunshine. Invest in a little practical outdoor luxury with a fixed pergola, awning or a freestanding canopy.

  • Pergolas – are fixed structures that can be connected to your home or placed in the middle of your garden (wherever you’d like it!). They’re perfect in all weather because they can be adapted to provide the amount of shelter you require.  
  • Awnings – need to be attached to your home but can be retracted and extended. Awnings come in a variety of colours and designs and are a great way to offer a cool and comfortable place to sit under when outside.
  • Canopies – like pergolas, are freestanding and permanent structures. These are generally bigger than awnings and are better suited for parties and gatherings.

Tree trimming

Tree trimming, cutting and pruning is a must if you want to keep your garden looking healthy and green. Removing dead leaves and branches will aid the growth of the rest of the foliage as the nutrients won’t be wasted on any dead parts and will go towards new leaves, developing buds and branches. This will ensure proper growth and improve overall health and strength of your vegetation. Also, if there are an abundance of dead branches and leaves, there’s a chance they’re diseased and so, removing these parts will help to put a stop to it from spreading.

Keep your trees, bushes and shrubs looking lush and well pruned with the help of a professional. While you organise the transformation of your garden, get in a team who will be able to provide excellent garden maintenance, to help you to achieve a polished finish

tree trimming.

Outdoor heating

Extend your time outside with the use of outdoor heating. Whilst you’re sitting on your patio watching a summer’s day draw to a close, you can switch on the heating so you don’t have to end the evening earlier than you’d like. Get cosy with a couple of drinks and watch the world go by. Whether you choose patio heaters or a fire pit – you could roast a few marshmallows before the party is brought to a close.

Outdoor lighting

Good lighting is essential if you’re going to extend your party into the late evening. Combine your fairy lights with solar-powered outdoor lights and lanterns to add to the ambience of summer.

For inspiration and assistance, call your local professionals at R&J Landscapes. We can  provide every aspect of landscaping and paving work, so whatever it is you need, you can be sure we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated and talented team operate throughout Harrow, Aylesbury, Berkhamsted, Watford and the surrounding areas – so what are you waiting for? Get your free garden survey today!