What Food Waste Can Be Composted?

food waste in compost bins

It is becoming more and more essential to look at what you’re using and wasting in your home. Food waste can replace the standard chemical fertiliser that you use for your garden and growing produce. Many people compost, which is the process of decomposing organic matter for the purpose of using it as a fertiliser. […]

Blend Hard & Soft Landscaping to Create the Perfect Garden

Having a garden or just a small outdoor space is a luxurious extension to any home and shouldn’t be taken for granted. An outdoor area gives us the opportunity to grow our own plants and herbs, build a zen garden, eat outdoors, host intimate catch ups and even settle down with your favourite book… the […]

Preparing Your Garden for a Party

garden party

In Britain the majority of us are desperately looking for the next spot of sun and so, with the weather picking up, it’s time to make your garden inviting – whatever its size. Give yourself a benchmark date and try to meet it, perhaps send out invites to friends and family to motivate you to […]

What should I avoid planting together?

Gardening can seem like a complex job or hobby, for those with rich knowledge, who understand the ins and outs of hundreds of different plant species, who are able to reel off when it’s the best time of year to plant X, Y and Z – but you too could be a green-fingered individual. Follow […]

Should I Have Paving or Decking in My Garden?

If you’re looking to improve your living areas in and around your home, it’s likely that you’ve considered doing something with the garden. Make the most of the fresh air by creating a space outdoors where you can entertain and ask yourself, what’s the right decking for me? This month, R&J Landscapes are here to […]

Which driveway material is best for you?

  Which driveway material is best for you? Hard landscaping and driveways are always difficult to get right because there are so many types of materials to choose from and of course, you want to select something that’s hard wearing, attractive and fit for purpose. This month, R&J Landscapes are here to go through each […]

Inspirational Patio Design Ideas

Hard landscaping can be a difficult task for many – especially when you’re trying to strike the right balance between the beauty of nature and the stunning design of man-made features – such as walkways, stairs and patios. This month, our experts are here to shed light on how to add practical touches without taking […]

Landscaping ideas for small gardens

It is always possible to go big in terms of landscaping – even when you’re working with a small garden. Just because you have a limited space doesn’t mean that your ideas must be limited too. Work with your landscape and go against those size constraints. If you wish to wow yourself and guests, take […]

10 Simple Landscaping Ideas to Dog-proof Your Garden

R&J Landscapes understand that for some, a house becomes a home when it’s shared with with a family pet, but sharing your lovely landscape with a fun and feisty dog isn’t always kind to your garden. This month, R&J Landscapes are here to share some dog-proofing landscape ideas that will keep your furry friend happy […]

Top 10 plants that bloom in spring and summer

  After what feels like a year of winter, peering out onto a drab and dull garden – we’re raring to embrace the beauty and warmth that spring and summer bring back to our landscapes. With this in mind, it’s time to find out the top 10 plants you should be planting, to ensure an […]