Why lawn care is important! 4 Tips for Greener Grass


A neglected and unhealthy garden can deteriorate quickly, the grass can become discoloured, patchy, dry and even catch a disease regardless of the season. Not only does it make your home look tired but it can deter you and your family away from enjoying the fun the outdoors offers. Maintaining your lawn should be and can be, simple – if you tend to it semi-regularly. Make your lawn a beautiful and inviting place for relaxing, socialising and exercising.




The benefits to lawn care

There are many key health benefits to embracing the greenery around you, not only can it improve your curb appeal but it can help to clean and clear your mind too. A little touch of gardening is known to improve mental and physical health and it provides a great alternative form of exercise. Simple maintenance can reduce anxiety and depression and you needn’t be hugely knowledgeable when it comes to gardening either. Just a few simple jobs will keep the lawn and you looking great.

For anything too laborious or complicated you can turn to the experts who will complete those bigger jobs such as: reseeding, aeration, weeding, soil testing and turning the mulch.

Like everything, maintenance that’s performed little and often will prevent a much bigger task in the long run. The same goes for your garden, if the general upkeep of your lawn is few and far between, maintaining your lawn will turn into a much bigger job. Look after your lawn and it will be a lush, green oasis that’ll add the wow factor you’ve been searching for.





How to care for your lawn

If you’re wondering what can be done other than a quick mow of the lawn – below are the services landscaping companies like ourselves, offer in order to make for an immaculate garden all year around.



The biggest culprit that spreads like wildfire, are weeds, and unlike our flowering potted plants that we need to delicately tend to, plantains and dandelions grow by their own accord and require zero help to grow. Their wide, flat leaves smother large sections of a lawn. The roots on weeds can be deeply anchored into the soil but for those that do not come up when you rake the lawn, you will need to use a trowel. For other weeds such as yellow medick and buttercups, these should lift easily.



Always keep your lawnmower clean and the blades sharp, this will ensure a good cut of the lawn. Allow the grass to grow in the summer to around 5-10 cm before cutting – this will keep your lawn healthy during a drought and will reduce any unsightly bald patches of greenery. You needn’t be excessive about how many times you cut your lawn, once every two weeks in summer will suffice and once every three weeks in the spring will be enough. Although regular trimming is a great way to encourage growth and full coverage, allowing your lawn to grow will enable those slower blades of grass to fill in the gaps.


Lawn edging and garden design

Borders are hard to keep pristine as it is, what with weeds growing between the gaps and the last thing you want is your lawn merging into the border too! So in order to keep a defined line, a pair of long-handled shears will do the trick and keep a satisfying shape to your garden. If you wish to change the shape of your edging however, you can let the grass grow out and have a professional reshape your landscape.


Aerate and avoid compaction

Compaction happens when pressure is added to your lawn, this can be through frequent footfall and through the placement of heavy objects. When this happens, the water and nutrients are unable to seep through into the soil in order to hydrate and feed your grass and or plants.

To tackle compaction, you must know how to aerate your lawn. Aeration is the process of getting air into something and in this case, the soil. By turning the soil that’s compact, with a lawn aerator, you will relieve the pressure and make the soil much less dense. By doing this, air, rainwater and nutrients can once again, filter through the soil and into the lawn.



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