Garden Decking Ideas

More and more homes are investing in breathtaking, unusual decking that not only enhances their outdoor aesthetics but improves outdoor activity too. Decking encourages homes to enjoy their gardens more frequently by providing a relaxing place to sit after a long day and a place to host parties. So if you too are looking to incorporate decking into your garden, you will want to consider those shapes that’ll complement your garden and cater to your all important needs and requirements. So, to aid you with your decking design and ideas, our professionals here at R&J Landscaping have put together a guide to make sure the decking you choose, is right for you.

Garden Decking Designs

Firstly we want to you to ask yourself “what will I use this decking for?” and from there, you will be able to narrow your options and then proceed to tailor your garden decking.

garden decking ideasHomes use decking for:

  • A place to sit after a long day
  • Dining area
  • Parties and gatherings
  • Complementing hot tubs or pools


  1. If you’re looking to install decking for the purpose of relaxation after a long day, you will want length and width from your decking to ensure it seats enough sun loungers during those long summer days. This will also accommodate for a small set of tables, chairs and a parasol for those not so sunny days too. Also, if you’re hoping to use your decking as a getaway with your favourite book, it might be wise to place it in a private location, so you’re free from distraction.


  1. There’s something really enjoyable about eating outside and it’s a great way to make sure that you get fresh air each and every day, so make sure your decking allows enough room for a full dining table, chairs and maybe even a barbeque; this way you can build it into your decking plans.


  1. If you’re planning on having decking installed for a variety of big and small gatherings, you may wish to have tiered decking, so that you can have multiple levels to give your party fluency, so your guests aren’t just standing around. With leveled decking you will offer a place for people to mingle and a place to sit, overlooking the greenery.


  1. Should you already have a pool and/or hot tub, you may want to build decking around it to enhance the experience. Having your decking built around them can make for easier access, space for lounge chairs, a place to hang the towels and maybe even a food and drinks bar! Since these water activities can cause slippery surfaces, grooved decking is recommended to ensure a safe entry and exit.
garden decking ideas


Garden Decking Ideas

Once you have established how you would like to organise your decking, either a simple flat decking, leveled or stairs and a balcony you will also want to think about:

  • Size – to cater to your needs and have an idea of what you will want to use it for.
  • Placement – so you can make the most of the good weather or place the decking tactically to offer shelter.
  • Access – so you can get to and from your decking with ease.
  • Location – usually decking will lead from the the top of the garden but you may wish to have it installed at the back and have it lead on from the shed or garage.
  • Shape – you may wish to go for a rectangle, circle, hexagon – the choice is yours.


Garden Decking Extras

You may also want to add handrails, pergolas, built-in seating and lighting to your decking…

Handrails are ideal for the elderly and families with young children as they provide a security and stability. They are essential for high deckings over 2 feet in height, but can really add to the aesthetics.

Pergolas are incredibly ideal for places like the UK where rain isn’t an uncommon sight, pergolas allow you to enjoy your decking in all types of weather. These structures are built onto and over your decking allowing support from four columns with a roof attached that can be opened or closed with ease.

Built-in seating is ideal for those that do not have lots of storage space, this is a practical option and you can still add your own eclectic mix of furniture should you wish for more seating.


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