How to Remove Weeds from Patios and Driveways

Everyone wants to keep their patios and driveways in the very best condition. The biggest adversary to a great looking patio or block paving driveway is the common garden weed. If you’ve had your paving professionally installed by a reputable landscaper, then weeds shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. But, even paving that has […]

Top 10 plants that bloom in spring and summer

  After what feels like a year of winter, peering out onto a drab and dull garden – we’re raring to embrace the beauty and warmth that spring and summer bring back to our landscapes. With this in mind, it’s time to find out the top 10 plants you should be planting, to ensure an […]

How to Create the Perfect Garden This Summer

One of the most exciting parts of the summer is being able to make use of that glorious outdoor space. Many homeowners will be eager to get back outside and tweak the garden, and now is the perfect time to start things afresh. In this article, we’re looking at some of the ways you can […]

How to Prepare Your Patio for the Summer

With the weather finally starting to find its footing, it’s time to think about dusting off your patio so you can take full advantage of the summer months. Whether you’re thinking of hosting weekend barbecues, evening garden parties or just feel like lazing the day away in the sun, here are some things to take […]