The Best Gardening & Planting Calendar for 2020

As the seasons change, it can be difficult knowing when to start planting, cutting back trees and performing general landscaping work, so this month, R&J Landscapes are here to help you – with a planting calendar!

How to Prepare My Garden for Winter

Although winter may not be enticing for the majority of us, it is incredibly important for the Earth’s climate system. Winter helps to regulate the Earth’s surface temperature and believe it or not, snow is particularly good for the environment. When snow melts, the water replenishes rivers, reservoirs and seeps into the ground – this […]

Preparing Your Garden for a Party

garden party

In Britain the majority of us are desperately looking for the next spot of sun and so, with the weather picking up, it’s time to make your garden inviting – whatever its size. Give yourself a benchmark date and try to meet it, perhaps send out invites to friends and family to motivate you to […]

When is the best time of the year for Tree Trimming?

There’s a vast amount of mixed messages that you can find whilst researching gardening and landscaping, so this month R&J Landscapes are giving you an insight to the best time of year for tree trimming, tree surgery and tree pruning. Although it may not seem important, cutting a tree too early or too late could […]

What to look for when hiring a landscape designer

If you want to make the most of your garden space, a landscape designer may be the best option to ensure you achieve your ideal style.  A professional can truly take your garden design to the next level, but there are some things to look out for when hiring the right landscape designer for you. […]

Creating a Child-Friendly Garden

Gardens can provide unlimited entertainment for family members of all ages, from providing a relaxing space for adults to sit back and enjoy the summer evenings, to a safe adventure playground for your children to enjoy all year round. When it comes to landscaping your garden, keeping your children’s entertainment and safety in mind is […]

Welcome to the R&J Landscapes news blog

Here at R&J Landscapes, we invite our customers to have a look at our new blog. On the blog, we will provide regular articles with insights into industry news and updates, as well as mentioning any news from our company itself. Keep up to date with our blog and become a landscaping expert in no […]