What can you do for your garden in November?

november garden


You may be wondering what you can do to ensure your garden stays healthy during the cold winter season, which is why the experts at R&J Landscapes have put together a quick guide for our important customers. Help maintain your garden when it needs it most, to guarantee a lush, beautiful landscape across all seasons. Know how to prepare your garden and count on the experts to do it for you.


1 – Have your lawn cut

Many people make the common mistake of leaving the grass to do its own thing during the cold months, however, you should in fact cut it until it stops growing. If you’re unsure about this, get in touch with a professional who will cut your lawn to the optimal length to prevent mold growth.


2 – Have your soil tested

Have your soil tested to ascertain its PH level and nutrients efficiency. This is important because it’ll give you a good indication as to whether it’s worth reseeding your lawn.    


3 – Reseed your lawn

Once you’ve had your soil tested and you’ve ascertained that your soil has the ideal PH level and nutritional value, it’s time to have your lawn reseeded. This is a great way to cover up those worn down patches of grass from the summer. It’s important to get a professional to do this, in order to receive the best results when reseeding your lawn at this time of year.


4 – Sort the mulch

Known as ‘turning the mulch’, this process prises the mulch loose, so it’s not so compact. This allows for water to pass through the flower beds, instead of sitting on top harbouring insects and plant diseases. If this mulch is less than three inches deep, you can make your own by adding leaves – a great organic source.

november flower bed

5 – Hydrate evergreens

Keep your evergreens hydrated throughout the winter on the warmer days and be sure not to water them when it’s snowing or icy because the water will just freeze. Don’t forget to water your plants – even in November they still have metabolic functions and require it to function.


6 – Prune

Before the winter gets too cold and heavy, it’s important to have your trees and shrubs perfectly pruned by professionals because if they’re left unkempt, snow and ice can spoil them and reduce their growth when spring comes back around.


7 – Tree surgery

Large trees have cumbersome branches that can cause a lot of damage if they break and fall into a road, onto a house and of course, onto a passer by. If you have a tree with branches that are close to breaking point, talk to a tree surgeon who can remove them safely, whilst keeping your tree’s health in mind.


8 – Have your driveway maintained

If your driveway has cracks or holes, it’s important to hire a professional to fill these in because during winter these defects will only be exacerbated due to freeze-thawing. Not only will simple maintenance like this help keep your driveway looking great but it’ll save your car tyres from unnecessary damage and prevent trips or falls.


9 – Pack your garden furniture away

Put away your garden furniture, kids toys and general tools. Rain and snow will ruin any of these goods, so it’s best to keep your garden neat and your furniture safe by putting them away.

paving november

10 – Look after the wildlife

It’s that time of year where small creatures look to hibernate and gather food ready for a long winter, so why not help them out? Although your garden may be looking a little less green and inviting, you can still fill bird feeders and supply water in birdbaths, hang up bird houses and display a pile of logs/leaves for hedgehogs to hibernate in.  


Have your garden maintained with ease when you come to R&J Landscapes. We offer a number of expert services including gardening, paving, landscaping, turfing, fencing, decking, tree work and driveway services. Get on top of your garden today and make the most of it in the summer months by maintaining it during the winter. Feel free to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you.