How Much Does Hardscaping Add to a Home’s Value?

When it comes to home improvements, there’s always a lot to think about – especially when revamping your garden or outdoor space. Primarily, people focus on aesthetics when enhancing their garden, however, it doesn’t hurt to think about the bigger picture.  If done well, hardscaping is one type of home renovation that can add value […]

Why Wildlife is Good for Your Garden

As we approach the end of spring and the weather (hopefully) begins to get warmer, we’re likely to spend more time in our gardens and outdoor spaces.  By doing this, you’ll notice that we share our gardens with a whole host of furry friends who are more likely to come out and say hello during […]

Why You Should Install Fencing in Winter

As we head towards the colder months with winter well and truly on the horizon, you’re probably not thinking about getting on top of your garden landscaping or outdoor improvements.  While you may be more concerned about when to switch on the central heating or getting ready for Christmas, the winter months may actually be […]

How to Remove Weeds from Patios and Driveways

Everyone wants to keep their patios and driveways in the very best condition. The biggest adversary to a great looking patio or block paving driveway is the common garden weed. If you’ve had your paving professionally installed by a reputable landscaper, then weeds shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. But, even paving that has […]

Creative driveway designs

Driveways that are fully tarmacked may be super easy to look after but they are largely dull and do nothing for your home’s charm, so it’s time to dismiss function over form and find the perfect balance between the two. Simply follow our guide to get your head around blending soft and hard landscaping techniques […]

How To Grow Herbs Indoors

If you share your garden with pets and children, you’ll understand just how hard it can be to separate your hobbies from theirs, so why not try growing herbs on your kitchen window sill where they will be well away from footballs and curious paws? First, let’s establish the easy-to-grow herbs and care for herbs, […]

How To Create a Vegetable Patch?

What’s more wholesome than being able to grow and harvest vegetables in your very own back garden? If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of a vegetable patch, then read on and find out how to prepare your vegetable patch and when to grow and harvest, to ensure the freshest of produce. The benefits of […]

How to Care for Potted Plants?

Having plants around the home is known for boosting our moods and increasing productivity and creativity, so it’s no wonder that more and more people are enjoying the presence of potted plants inside the homes and outside in their gardens. Not only that, but plants are well known for cleaning the air we breathe by […]

The Best Gardening & Planting Calendar for 2020

As the seasons change, it can be difficult knowing when to start planting, cutting back trees and performing general landscaping work, so this month, R&J Landscapes are here to help you – with a planting calendar!

How to Organise My Garden Shed

Organising our homes is troublesome enough but what about when it comes to our sheds? Old paint tubs, brushes, solvents, power tools, gardening tools and goodness knows what else, can make shed arrangement an arduous task. So for a methodical way to sort through awkwardly-shaped bits and bobs, follow R&J’s tips below and, together, we […]